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Experience the joy of Japanese-style cuisine in this 5-hour comprehensive class. Over the course of the day, you’ll recreate ridiculously good ramen, showstopping sushi, and a moreish miso aubergine, inspired by some of Japan’s most popular dishes.

To start, you’ll sit back and relax while our chefs demonstrate how to make a steamy Japanese-style broth, which is the perfect base for any flavour-packed bowl of ramen. We’ll also reveal the key to contrasting flavours, pickles and garnishes, and the art of bringing them together in one beautiful bowl.

Next up, you’ll get to work making sushi rice before learning how to turn it into handmade maki and uramaki rolls – with your choice of fillings. You’ll also whip up a delicious dipping sauce to go with your creations, before sitting down at the chef’s table to enjoy your hard work, with a refreshing drink in hand.

We’ll then move onto miso aubergine – a flavour-packed dish packed with umami, and served with Asazuke (zingy pickled vegetables). Finally, we’ll finish off our bowls of ramen, topped with your choice of pork, king oyster mushrooms or tofu. After a fun-packed day, you’ll sit down to relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labour at the chef’s table, with a delicious glass of sake.

At the end of the course, you’ll have core knife, seasoning and pickling skills under your belt, plus the confidence to cook up a variety of Japanese-style dishes at home.