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Looking to embrace the flavours of Indonesia? Discover the key to creating a show-stopping rendang, using your choice of beautifully spiced beef or oyster mushrooms.

First, you’ll pound staple Indonesian ingredients into a fiery paste. Fry until sizzling hot, then transform into a rich, succulent rendang with an aromatic poaching liquor. 

Then, brush up on your knife skills as you dice and slice sweet pineapple, apple and fresh mint for a zingy rujak salad. Perfectly balanced sweet palm sugar, hot chillies, salty fish sauce and zesty lime in a hot and sour dressing and top with crunchy peanuts.

And finally, discover how to create the perfect fluffy rice, every time. Whip up some next-level toasted coconut and fresh herb garnishes. Then it’s time to relax at our chef’s table and enjoy your spectacular Indonesian spread. Leave armed with a new go-to feast to impress your favourite people.