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£ 59

Get stuck in creating, shaping and stuffing soft and pillowy Chinese steamed buns in this hands-on class.

Uncover the secrets to making a dreamy bao bun dough, with our expert chefs as your guide. You’ll shape pre-proved balls into lovely little pillows, then cook them to perfection in traditional bamboo steamers.

Take your knife skills up a notch as you knock up a carrot and mooli pickle and build a lip-smacking smashed cucumber salad complete with tangy rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds and a smoky hit of gochugaru.

Learn how to balance a slightly spicy, sweet and salty Kung Pao dressing. Then it’s time for some hot and fast cooking: stir-frying free-range chicken or oyster mushrooms in your sauce and finishing with crushed peanuts and as much Szechuan pepper as you can handle.

Cram your bao with the succulent Kung Pao filling, smashed cucumber and pickle, before devouring at our chef’s table.

Leave with Kung Pao know-how, pickling prowess and the confidence to shape and steam your own beautiful bao.