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£ 64

Rustle up an eclectic, utterly delicious mix of dishes from across Japan in this unforgettable class.

Make an umami-packed miso soup. Cook up an all-important dashi from scratch, using traditional dashi powder, kombu and premium dried shiitake mushrooms. Then, sharpen your knife skills by creating next-level garnishes: perfectly diced silken tofu, thinly sliced spring onion and wakame.

Transform a humble aubergine into nasu dengaku – an outrageously silky, sticky bake. Perfectly score an aubergine, then fry until golden brown. Whip up an irresistible miso, sake and mirin glaze to brush over. Bake until velvety soft and beautifully dark.

Get to grips with gyoza. Our expert chefs let you in on the secret to creating a flavour-packed dumpling filling. Fold and shape your own gyozas, then fry for crispy bottoms before steaming to perfection.

Perfect a ponzu dipping sauce and learn the art of balancing flavour by combining salty soy sauce, sweet mirin, savoury dashi powder, citrus and sugar.

Plus, you’ll unlock the secrets to creating Japanese-style sticky rice, then sit down to enjoy your epic feast at our chef’s table.