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Ultimate Knife Skills Masterclass in London

In this class, our chefs will kick off the day by explaining how to buy, sharpen, and maintain the essential knives any home kitchen needs. You’ll then move onto deconstructing a whole free-range chicken, before using the cuts to prepare two delicious dishes: Chicken saltimbocca and Sticky chicken teriyaki. What’s more, learning to deconstruct meat means you’ll no longer need to buy pre-portioned cuts from the butcher – saving you money and gaining you some seriously impressive skills.

Next, we’ll master the core knife skills required to quickly and effectively prepare everyday vegetables. After honing your chopping, slicing, and dicing, you’ll put your skills to the test by whipping up a Vegetable noodle stir-fry to accompany your Teriyaki chicken.

In the afternoon, we’ll dive into fish. Our chefs will begin by demonstrating how to prepare and fillet both round and flat fish from scratch. You’ll then have the opportunity to fillet a flat fish, before frying it to perfection with a gorgeous caper and lemon sauce. Finally, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour at the chef’s table, with rustic bread, fresh salad, and a well-deserved glass of wine.