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Complete guide to pasta cooking in London

In this 5-hour comprehensive course, we’ll explore the fine art of pasta-making, so you’ll leave at the end of the day with some seriously impressive skills – and totally satisfied when it comes to tasting! To start, we’ll let you in on the secrets to making a classic pasta dough – from mixing to kneading and shaping – so you have the confidence to whip up a perfect batch, every time. After learning to roll out your dough by hand, you’ll use your new skills to make four iconic shapes – tagliatelle, farfalle, orecchiette and fusilli. We’ll also create a fresh pesto sauce, so you can sit down to celebrate cracking a core skill with your first bowl of freshly made pasta.

Next, we’ll move onto the joys of ravioli – surrounding a wonderful filling with elegant, delicate pasta is definitely a skill worth learning. You’ll begin by creating a different style of dough, perfect for little parcels of deliciousness. Then, you’ll learn how to make a beautifully simple sauce that really makes the pasta sing, topped with a generous shaving of fresh truffle. And of course, there’ll be time for tasting! Finally, we’ll master a showstopper that’s perfect for showing off at dinner parties – tender cannelloni made with a third style of dough, stuffed with slow-roasted aubergine and cooked in a sweet tomato sauce. After a fun-packed day, you’ll sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour with a beautiful side salad, and a glass of something cold and delicious.

At the end of the course, you’ll have tried your hand at three styles of pasta dough, plus a variety of shapes and sauces. You’ll leave having mastered the core skills of pasta making, the confidence to recreate these iconic dishes in your kitchen, plus plenty of leftovers to take home. Happy kneading, stretching, rolling, and eating!